Tango – Ambience – Sun – Sea – Forests – Hiking – Fun

Tango beneath Mount Olympus


The enchanting village of Palios Panteleimona offers tremendous views of the sea. Surrounded by chestnut groves, it is far off most tourist trails. Its´ cosy village square nestles among traditionally built houses, and cars have to stay off the village at a car park. 


This is a tango experience you’ll never forget. At six hundred metres altitude we will be dancing tango under the most favourable auspices of the Olympian Gods. Enjoy the most relaxing tango trip ever in Greece.




DJ Alexander Darda from Berlin 



DJ Rafail Saltas Larissa


Argentinischer Tango

Workshop und Milonga


15 +16 Sep 2017


 Zoi Christoni & Rafail Saltas

Greece has a surprisingly vibrant tango scene, and some wonderful Greek dancers will drop by during our tango holiday.